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Feeling at Ease

all seasons in one day 15 °C

A 10quid umbrella that broke after an hour's use, new mobile phones where the sim cards were faulty, a flat we were expecting in a dodgy area, a hint of sore throats and runny noses, funds in a UK bank which we couldn't access...that was yesterday...Today was fab! Everything we set out to do today was achieved, the faulty goods were all replaced by friendly shop staff, the Hong Kong Bank was exceptional, we have credit and debit cards and internet access, we declined the flat (it just didnt feel right) and our sore throats disappeared with the taking of excessive aspirin (which also took away the headaches), and to top it off, we had a great pub lunch off the Oxford Street in a quiet cobbled alleyway for a mere 8 quid total, (yep) plus we are enjoying the vast array of english beers on tap...ahhhh could life be on the up 'n up? We've had blustery wind here today, but temperatures are very warm (esp. in the tube), a mixed bag here weather wise. I've used the buses today, whilst Noel keeps to the underground, I seem to know where I'm going?? We are now off to Fulham to visit our kiwi friend for another round at the local, and packing for Europe where we leave for Pisa to begin the Italian leg of our journey. Hey, good news we are mobile, our number for texting is :0044 7786037010 (hope thats right) and we are relying on internet cafes now for the next leg......so Italia here the kiwis come ....arrivederci!Back_in_the_UK_002.jpg

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We are here in Mother England

Good Lord!

rain 15 °C

We are concentrating on the positive ...we have been in good ol' London for less than 24 hours and already our patience has been tested from struggling with our luggage and "nicking" a baggage trolley from Paddington in order to alleviate the worry, to not being eligible for a mobile plan as we can offer no permanent UK address! However, we will not be beaten, afterall we are kiwis, we are resilient, are resourceful and we will concentrate on the positive. London we are loving and hating all at the same time. We met a couple from Bolton in a local pub who thought NZ was "in the outback on Australia"....I kid you not ....! We learned of drinking "Guiness and Black" for the uninitiated ie Guiness with a dash of blackcurrant juice!! Smoking is permitted everywhere, and we are struggling to deal with prices here. Still London is like an old friend, you accept the good with the bad and love it no matter what. Tomorrow we head off to the Bank and to the recruitment agency, another day, another 100 pounds!!! Ps thank you to those sending comments, we really enjoy - keep it up guys!

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3 Nights in Bangkok

We Love Everything Thai!

sunny 30 °C

Arriving late at night at the international airport was quite daunting, the flow of pedestrian traffic from getting off the plane to finding our baggage carousel was heavy, people people everywhere, incoming versus outgoing passengers all moving swiftly...Elsie got worried in the taxi ride to the hotel as the petrol gauge was empty and flashing and we seemed to be travelling very fast and in lots of heavy traffic. Luxury hotel, handy to MBK Shopping Centre (super-sized 5 floors of everything imaginable to buy) girls you'd love the cheapness of it all, designer labels and huge variety, just sooh great. We ate at an authentic thai restaurant where the locals ate, fabulous cheap meal of tom yum goon soup, thai chicken curry and spicey chicken noodles and two beers for $40 NZ. The cats roamed freely through the restaurant! Today we walked through a couple of blocks in 32oC heat, the smell of the city and the volume of people and traffic added to the vibrancy! We both loved it, the fast pace and the very friendly quiet nature of the thai people makes us want to return again soon. 3 days here is just not long enough. Hey finally thanks for all your blog comments, we enjoy receiving them, keep them coming guys...NZ just seems so far away just now.....and its onwards to London tomorrow.Bangkok_001.jpgBangkok_007.jpgBangkok_013.jpg

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Farewell Aoteroa

Fly High with Thai

rain 28 °C

Thanks Moundo, Joe and Bill to bid us farewell, and big hugs to our lovely girls, Liz and Em, who wanted so much to come out to the airport to see us off, it certainly has been one of the hardest emotional things for us to deal with. But as luck would have it we met up with a dear acquaintaince from Howick, Irene Brooks at check in, whose powers from her magic wand enabled us to fly......BUSINESS CLASS! Yes, rrrreally, she worked wonders and surprised us as we approached the departure gate to "rip up your boarding passes as I have new ones.....have upgraded you"......we had silver service, our own waitress and waiter, own toilet, big bed seats, there were only 6 of us in the class, we had french red wine, scallops, curry, cheese and crackers, more wine, juice, priority baggage claim ...the service was impeccable, thank you Thai Airways, and a sincere warm thanks again to the lovely Irene Brooks from Howick. We had a super flight, and arrived Bangkok to rain and humidity, and our taxi driver sped us off at 120kph all the way to our luxury hotel, where another day awaits us...another day of adventure in the life of the Houghtons...what will happen for us today!Departing_..res_002.jpgDeparting_..res_003.jpg

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Elsie's Farewell Lunch

Goodbye Pakuranga & Howick Realty What a Great team!


Elsie enjoyed a fantastic departure from the job she has enjoyed for 5 years. The licensee, Ron Johnson (bless his cotton pickin sox) gave Elsie great advice on her big o/e "go sell real estate in London you can earn a fortune" and Paul Judd (Manager) saying he'll have a spare desk in the storeroom should she return....lots of hugs, laughter, reminiscing, and fond memories....thank you soooh much for the gold jewellery, it won't leave my body throughout my trip.....the Thai food was fab., the company fun,thank you Mike and Faris for your "fondling of the knees, and thank you all for your lovely kind wishes, I shall miss you all!Mas_farewe..nch_004.jpgMas_farewe..nch_012.jpgMas_farewe..nch_013.jpgMas_farewe..nch_016.jpgMas_farewe..nch_017.jpgMas_farewe..nch_014.jpgMas_farewe..nch_007.jpgMas_farewe..nch_018.jpg

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